If These Bricks Could Talk 

by Donna Henton

Blair, Nebraska celebrates 150 years in 2019.  Our town is steeped in history and interesting stories.  The Carter brothers, railroads and robust businesses helped form our town.  Let's not forget the famous people and the political shenanigans in our history.             

 If these bricks could talk...

BLAIR 1908 


John Insley Blair.jpeg

Henry Ford made many trips to Blair to visit two friends.   They all enjoyed fishing in the Missouri River. 

Who were his friends? 

From 1869 to 1871,

 a Blair resident served as

Washington County Sheriff.  

He was at Ford's Theatre the night President Abraham Lincoln was shot and he witnessed the event.


Blair was named by one of the nation's wealthiest men,    John I. Blair

A pioneer clothing merchant from Norway decided Blair needed squirrels.  He purchased many and turned them loose in the parks.  The City Council passed an ordinance - no one could bother or harm  the squirrels - what happened next?

2 stoy.jpg

1874.  This is the first two-story brick building in Blair.  Do you know where it was located?

Through pictures, maps and a history of each downtown building lot, If These Bricks Could Talk is a colorful 375-page, hard-bound book, filled with interesting tidbits about the buildings in Blair.  It will give you a unique insight into the lives of the families and the people who founded Blair and the businesses they created. 

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